Saturday 3 September 2011

Cloth Hottest dress!

No fashion blog is complete without this which I think is the nicest dress available - Vestment of Shifting Sands.  Whatever you team this with will make it look horrid, but you just have to get one!  Available in many colours, most drop in Ahn'Qiraj :

Pink: Vestments of the Shifting Sands (AQ20, Kurinnaxx)
Blue: Robes of the Guardian Saint (AQ40, Fankriss the Unyielding)
Yellow: Robes of the Triumverate (AQ40, Bugtrio)
Orange: Robes of the Battleguard (AQ40, Battleguard Sartura)
Gold: Robe of Insight (Stratholme & various rare drop)


  1. Robes of the Triumverate is not yellow.... It's GREEN.....

  2. Robe of insight is not gold.... its greenish


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