Monday 10 October 2011

Halloween Red Devil (Cloth)

Sexy, red devil costume - all details here. The polearm is Tidebreaker Trident purchased in Borean, could also get Flame Wrath from Blackrock which has a firey effect.


  1. What staff or polearm are you using?
    Great site, thank you!

  2. Oops forgot to link the pole arm its the Tidebreaker Trident you can buy in Borean with winterfin clams. I have linked the pole arm above now. Glad you like my site Paulo. :)

  3. Staff of the Left Hand Path and Staff of Justified Sins are staff weapons that are warlock quest rewards that work with this set.

  4. is that flameheart vest obtainable for hordes? i thought only alliance can get it

  5. Love the image, thank for sharing and great blog!

    Cheers and hugs,
    Halloween Costumes ideas


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