Thursday 29 September 2011

Shield Bioluminescent Buckler

Bioluminescent Buckler from this quest.

Shield Ruthless Gladiator's Barrier

PVP shield Ruthless Gladiator's Barrier .

Anti-Trogg Shield

Anti-Trogg Shield from this quest in Badlands.

Shield Elementium Stormshield

Another very common shield at moment crafted Elementium Stormshield .

Shield Elementium Earthguard

Very common as at time of post, but still nice looking crafted Elementium Earthguard .

Shield of Control

A bit plain but I like the spikes, Shield of Control quest reward from here.

Shield of Maraudon

 Shield of Maraudon Quest reward from

Shield Blockade's Lost Shield

Love the story behind this shield, its named after Blockade from Barthilas he collects shields.  Ahh a man after my own heart!   Blockade's Lost Shield  A rare drop from various places.

Monday 26 September 2011

NPC Dark Ranger Lyana (Leather)

Dark rangers are elven rangers with a different focus. The dark ranger is a cunning hero, adept at manipulating opponents. Forcibly raised from the dead, the former rangers of Quel'Thalas enjoy nothing more than sowing dissension and hatred within the enemy ranks. Dark Ranger Lyana leads the attack against the Derelict Strand near Vengeance Landing.

To achieve this look I used these items.
An alternative hood with red eyes - Malefic Mask of the Shadows  from Gruul.

Shield Aegis of the Coliseum

Aegis of the Coliseum from TOTC horde only.

Shield Bulwark of the Royal Guard

Bulwark of the Royal Guard from TOTC alliance only.

Shield Bastion of Resolve

Bastion of Resolve from TOTC 25 man - horde only.

Shield Bastion of Purity

Bastion of Purity from 25 man Trial of the Crusader - alliance only.

Shield High Warlord's Shield Wall

High Warlord's Shield Wall  from honour horde only.

Shield Grand Marshal's Aegis

Grand Marshal's Aegis from honour - alliance only.

Zulian Swirling Shield

Zulian Swirling Shield random BOE from firelands etc.

Shield King's Bulwark

King's Bulwark from quests in Nagrand.

shield Wall of Terror

Wall of Terror from Naxx.

Shield Bulwark of Algalon

Bulwark of Algalon Bulwark of Algalon.

Shield Voice of Reason

Voice of Reason from Naxx.

Friday 23 September 2011

Battlemage Vyara (Plate)

Battle mage refers to four groups of melee spellcasters. Scryers are known to have battle mages in their ranks. They are likely to be former members of the Kirin Tor like the Scarlet battle mages.

To recreate this look :-

Shoulders :- Warbringers Spaulders
Chest :- Enchanted Thorium Breastplate
Waist :- Girdle of the Dawn
Legs :- Enchanted Thorium Legplates
Feet :- Grim Sabatons
Hands :- Exalted Gauntlets. Can't see exact gloves but these match.
Tabard :- Scryer Tabard
Sword :- Blood Groove Blade Needs a firey enchant.

Shoulders aren't exact but I like them better than any look alikes I can find.  Here is the set without the tabard.

Mail Engraved Set

This is the set I shall wear on my shaman, collected them all now apart from the mace!  Here's the link to the full set.

Thursday 22 September 2011

NPC Captain Theris Dawnhearth (Cloth)

"Captain Theris Dawnhearth.  A memorable companion in battle, Dawnhearth wields the Hand Of Torment. The blade in which the Burning Legion foe will fall. We've all seen his impact upon us, and The Shattered Sun, for it is a great factor to have Dawnhearth fighting by our sides, as his blade reflects the eclipse of Celestial Honor."

To recreate this look I used :-

Shoulders :- Elegant Mantle
Chest :- Imbued Netherweave Tunic
Waist :- Girdle of Ruination
Legs :- Imbued Netherweave Pants
Feet :- Sorcerer Slippers
Wrists :- Bracers of Safe Keeping
Hands :- Enslaved Doomguard Soulgrips 
Tabard :- Shattered Sun
Sword :- Endbringer

On a female.

Cloak of the Black Void

Cloak of the Black Void tailoring item.

Cloak Kharmaa's Shroud of Hope

Kharmaa's Shroud of Hope from JP.

Bishops Cloak

Bishops Cloak from JP.

Ebonhold Cloak

Ebonhold Cloak

Azure Silk Cloak

Azure silk cloak.