Wednesday 17 December 2014

Leather Red Bloodfang set

Red Leather Bloodfang set for rogues only, with Ced's Carver daggers.

All part of the set can by looted in Blackwing Lair lvl 60 raid , which can be found at the very height of Blackrock Spire in Blackrock Mountain

Set contains :

 Bloodfang Belt dropped by Vaelastrasz the Corrupt - 24% drop chance,
 Bloodfang Boots dropped by Broodlord Lashlayer - 25% 
 Bloodfang Bracers dropped by Razorgore the Untamed - 24% ,
 Bloodfang Chestpiece dropped by Nefarian - 22% ,
 Bloodfang Gloves dropped by Flamegor,Ebonroc,Firemaw-9% each,
 Bloodfang Hood dropped by Nefarian - 11% ,
 Bloodfang Pants dropped by Ragnaros - 19% 
 Bloodfang Spaulders dropped by Chromaggus - 23% .

Sunday 28 September 2014

Plate Silver & Blue

A pretty silver and plate set that my friend Stevie has, isn't is pretty!  All items here.

Saturday 9 August 2014

Leather green druid - with new WoD model

Just a taster of another mog, I did this mostly because I noticed you can view how your character will look in WoD.  How exciting!  This is my druid Jaenellia.  If you want to know how to see your char in WoD - here is the link.

I like the flowering staff on this mog too.

New template

The template I was using disappeared, so I have put up a new one for now.  I hope to return to blogging some time in the future, but I hope my ideas still help some people.