Friday 20 April 2012

Mail Green hunter Set2

Hey to Tabana and all from Hunters Hall where my blog got a mention recently.  Here is an outfit especially for you, hunters should be green and a fabulous bow with sprouting pink flowers that is unfortunately no longer available so only for those who kept it in their bank, details here.  Bring back this gorgeous bow Blizz!

Cloth Jogging Set

So if you are around Stormwind in Kilrogg, you might just see the ladies jogging group keeping fit.  I have already posted a leather jogging set, this ones a cloth one, all details here.

Thursday 19 April 2012

Cloth Red Ritual

I have had a few busy weeks at work so absent a bit, but I am back with a nice little red number!  I really like the twirling headpiece and its such a nice staff too, details here.

Saturday 7 April 2012

Plate Purple and Yellow

Using colours from opposite sides of the spectrum gives a unique look.  If you look in my garden right now, that's the colour of the flowers, so who am I to argue with nature! :p

Shoulders and crown are paladin only, other items are crafted or drops - all details here.

Friday 6 April 2012

Plate Red Knight

A Red Knight to the rescue, though I think I would be scared if this guy came calling!  A stunning sword and all other gear details here.  Tabard is from the trading card game.

Wednesday 4 April 2012

Mail Red and Gold set

A couple of items from the glimmering set and a few similar coloured items make for quite a striking set, all details here.