Sunday 11 September 2011

Plate T1 recolour

Tier 1 recolour:-
Head: (Ruby Helm of the Just) - The Blood Furnace, Last Boss, Heroic only
Shoulder: (Pauldrons of Swift Retribution) - Mana-Tombs, Nexus-Prince Shaffar (Last Boss), Heroic only
Chest: (Breastplate of Righteous Fury) - Slave Pens, Quagmirran (Last Boss), Heroic only
Belt: (Girdle of Gallantry) - The Underbog, Ghaz'an (Second Boss, Hydra), Heroic only
Legs: (Ornate Leggings of the Venerated) - Shadow Labyrinth, Blackheart the Inciter (Second Boss, Ogre), Both Heroic and Normal
Boots: (Ornate Boots of the Sanctified) - Shadow Labyrinth, Ambassador Hellmaw (First Boss, Demon), Both Heroic and Normal
Bracers: (Bracers of Just Rewards) - You don't need this item for the looks.
Gloves: (Gauntlets of Vindication) - Mana-Tombs, Nexus-Prince Shaffar (Last Boss), Heroic Only
Mace:Blackout Truncheon

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