Friday 23 September 2011

Battlemage Vyara (Plate)

Battle mage refers to four groups of melee spellcasters. Scryers are known to have battle mages in their ranks. They are likely to be former members of the Kirin Tor like the Scarlet battle mages.

To recreate this look :-

Shoulders :- Warbringers Spaulders
Chest :- Enchanted Thorium Breastplate
Waist :- Girdle of the Dawn
Legs :- Enchanted Thorium Legplates
Feet :- Grim Sabatons
Hands :- Exalted Gauntlets. Can't see exact gloves but these match.
Tabard :- Scryer Tabard
Sword :- Blood Groove Blade Needs a firey enchant.

Shoulders aren't exact but I like them better than any look alikes I can find.  Here is the set without the tabard.


  1. enchanted thorium blacksmith plans are no longer available in game.

  2. Yes but if someone had the plans already, you can still get this made. Someone in my guild has the plans.

  3. I'm already asking around :)

  4. An identical pair of pants is available from a quest in Blade's Edge Mountains (I think) -- "Inkling's Leggings".

  5. Yes that is correct , so would save you getting the enchanted ones made. Thanks :)

  6. Here's the gloves that match the set, but like the Thorium Blacksmith plans, those are not longer avalaible


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