Friday 20 January 2012

Cloth Pants for Nice Dresses

I have been thinking about the nice dresses we can wear and the problem that sometimes the pants can totally spoil the look.  We can't go commando unfortunately :p , so I have been thinking of options.  I think there are two basic options, see below :-

The pants on the left are Black Mageweave Leggings , the ones on the right are Barbaric Loincloth.  I prefer the ones on the right myself.  You could also try find pants that match your skin tone, but that may be hard.  Let me know if anyone thinks of any other options please!

Thanks for your ideas, I have posted an image with the stonecloth pants too.  They dont look bad either. 


  1. The Crochet/Sanguine/Stonecloth (I think) style pants also have cutouts over the hip, though I don't think they're quite as deep as the cutouts in this style of dress. The Stonecloth is a light brown/grey that might be a good option for characters with warm skin tones to wear under this sort of dress.

  2. I have this dress in a lime green, I used a darker green Stonecloth to give me yet another color to work with besides the Lime green, It really helped balance the over all look.


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