Monday 17 October 2011

Update on my blogs progress.

I thought I would let you know how my lil blog is doing. Yesterday for the first time it got over a 1,000 page views in one day!

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In total its had 18,745 views since its launch on 27th August, 2011. It started off as a little hobby, but now i am getting so many page views, I feel kinda responsible! My fans need to be kept informed! wink

The top three most popular posts are :-

No 1 -
No 2 -
No 3 -

Its amazing where my audience is from too, and I really have viewers from all over the world, I know I am linked on a German, Russian, French and some other language sites. These are the top countries over all time:-

Forum Image

Hello to you all and I am delighted to say I am big in Brazil and G'day to all you Bruces & Sheilas in Australia.

Ofcourse I am dwarfed by the bigger blogs about this. I can monetarise the blog and start earning from it, but I don't know what that would look like or how much it would get me. Should I monetarise it? My partner hopes we can quit our jobs and live on the earnings, but I think not!

Anyways thanks for showing an interest in my little hobby, I look forward to seeing all the fabulous transmogged people come patch 4.3 and I hope I give you all some ideas.



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