Saturday 27 August 2011

Hello and welcome

I made this blog because I have always been a follower of fashion and what I don't like about wow is that we all look exactly the same.  When I play a game its not just about killing stuff, I also like to look good.  Over the years I have collected clothes and now I am very happy with the news about transmogrification.  I spoke to some of my guildmates about it and apart from the very obvious tier gear, they did not know how to find different looking clothes.  I searched the web and found a couple of sites but not a lot, so I am making this my mission!  I want to look different and I will try to help you too!  Please stick with me and hopefully we can be trendsetters.  Wish me luck in my search.  Baby, you can look good and kill Ragnoras at the same time!

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