Thursday, 1 March 2012

My little blog spreads

Its rather strange sometimes that my little hobby is read by so many.  My blog gets about 1500 hits a day now and I am happy that people like it!  Its read by people all across the world as far apart as USA, Australia, Russia, Brazil, Europe.  People who all have the same passions, World of Warcraft and Transmogrification.

Two of my characters were selected to appear on the Blizzard Transmogrification screenshots recently, 
My Druid 1,   My Druid 2,   My paladin.

Also I have been mentioned on Wow Roleplay Gear and recently on Twisted Nether Blogcast.  Quote from Twisted Nether :- "Whatever you are looking for, Isharra can help you find it! I know I’m certainly excited to see what outfit she’ll come up with next! Welcome to the blogosphere, Isharra!"   Well thank you for the welcome!  I hope I can continue to come up with some gear ideas for you all.  :D

Oh update, also mentioned on Wow Insider !  "There's WoW! Fashion! and the unrelated WoW Fashion, both of which feature all kinds of original and outstanding sets."

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